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Big Apple Bites

Short Story SEries

Volume 1


Temptation is on the menu

Jiggle: Ashort story Book Cover

Pippa Morgan is Punch Fitness’ newest promo girl, and she’s less than 24 hours from her photoshoot debut. She’s lost 50 pounds and four dress sizes to get to this place.


Working out has never looked so good.

But before she can claim her crown, there's one last battle to win with her worst enemy--herself.


Pippa is hungry and on a rampage for food. One bowl of Jello quickly turns into three. Then it’s on to the savories.


She’s gone from fat-free to Free Willy right at the finish line.

Cankles and sodium bloat are on tomorrow's menu. 


The next day at the gym changes her life forever. Just not in the way Pippa imagines.


Losing love handles are one thing. Getting handle on her life takes more than diet and exercise as Pippa is about to discover.

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Volume 2


Surviving a car crash is easy. It’s smiling that’s painful.

Bud’s had one hell of a year. First it was the accident, then the banged up body, afterwards came the disaster in the dentist’s chair.

He can’t get a break from his wife, and no matter how many green salads she feeds him, his suit still squeezes him in all the wrong places.

His first day back on the job was supposed to restore his sanity. Instead, it comes with a slew of uneasy confrontations.


Just when Bud thinks he’s had enough, a puzzling woman from his past emerges and he quickly realizes dental implants are the least of his problems.

Chompers Book Cover
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Craig's List Chronicles: byte-size tales
A novel
Before there was Tinder and Match, there was Craigslist.
Craig's Lsit Chonicles Book Cover

CL>new york>wanted> love/life/job 

Help! Single gal seeks normal guy for movie dates & makeout sessions 

Kelly Brixi knows all about big city living. She's got a job and an affordable pad. On paper her life almost looks put together. Ask her about finding love in NYC? She'll say that's a different story.

She's searched high and low, yet in a city of eight million, snagging a decent date has proven downright difficult. Then Craigslist comes to town and Kelly's whole life changes in a nanosecond.


From missed connections to personals ads, Kelly jumps into action. But the deeper she dives into the digital world, she's swept into misadventures.

From guys who wear doughnut medallions to Nigerian princes, Kelly's hunt has her looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Will her search deliver the dude of her dreams? Or will the scammers and pervvy Internet trolls make her pull the plug too quickly?

Only Craig knows for sure, and he's not telling...Yet.

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