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Hi there!


I'm Kim Masson, and yup, I’m a writer.

What do I write? Well, stuff that gets my characters into trouble.

Fake Craigslist ads. Disastrous blind dates. Fleeting moments. NYC adventures...Take your pick.

If I squeeze a chuckle out of you, my mission is complete.

I should also mention I grew up in New York. This means I’ve seen things. LOTS of things. Living with 8 million people in a city known for its insomnia gives me plenty of inspiration.

So if you like reading about the good, the bad and the downright funny, stick around. Have a laugh. I triple dog dare you.


You’ll be glad you did. I pinky promise. 


                                         Xoxo, Kim

Big Apple Bites

Short Story Series

Volume 1

Volume 2

Coming Soon!!!

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Swiping through Kelly's adventures in the city--from awful real estate scams to bad dates to run-ins with creepy pet owners and the mob--Masson had me laughing so hard that strangers would give me the side eye.

Ona Abelis

Craig's List Chronicles



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